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Coming Soon: Our Special Announcement

I’m happy to make a special announcement.  So, here we go:

I’m happy to announce our list of games we are currently reviewing, just purchased, or are considering purchasing.  These games will be what we will be reviewing for the next month or two.  The list of the games that we will be reviewing ares follows:

  • “Top 3” Solitaire
  • Tetris
  • de Blob
  • Dizzy Bee
  • Pool
  • Scrabble  

But, with all good news, there is always bad news.  I’m sorry to announce, but, we are reducing the site down to just games in the app store.  I’m very sorry to anyone who was looking forward to any regular apps.  Our new slogan is going to be:

The Apper: Gaming App Reviewer

Thanks for reading.

The Apper


One Response to “Coming Soon: Our Special Announcement”

  1. I love your reviews.

    If you would ever consider reviewing games on my iPhone games website please let me know, you have my email and website address.

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