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Review: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Racing 3D (CBNR 3D)

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Racing 3D is a kart racing game staring all your favorite characters from the Crash Universe.  These characters include animals from Ripper Roo all the way to Mr. Bandicoot himself.  You control the game by using the iPhone’s accelerometer to control the kart racer.  This game includes the modes: quick play, story mode, cup mode, and time trial.  This, unlike most apps, is not an exculsive to the iPhone (also on the series 60, and n-gage).  This game in includes a whole range of weapons from lock-on missles, to shields.  The game is $9.99 in the App Store.  It was developed by Polarbit, and published by Vivendi.


This game does have a story, though not a very long and in depth one.  It goes as follows: “In order for Dr. Cortex  to lure Crash and his gang out in the open, they stage a Kart tournament. The winners will be crowned “Kings Of Kart Racing For All Eternity”, the losers will be banished from N. Sanity Island.”  Not much, but enough for a kart racer.  The style, also works well with this game.  Menus look nice, Graphical sytle blends well. 

Score: 9


First of all, wow.  This game has graphics, better than the first Playstation.  The game may not be up with SMB (the stages), but everything in the game in 3D.  The only thing against these graphics is the choppy framerate.  This game has a very bad framerate at times.  When action gets really intense, framerate could drop as low as 10fps!  But, overall, most of the time, this game runs smoothly, with beautiful graphics.

Score: 9


This game has nice music.  It matches the overall style of the game.  It’s upbeat, and catchy.  Even if the music in the game gets on your nerves, you can turn it off without turning down the volume of the phone.  It’s not the best video game music out there (far from it), but it’s nice music.

Score: 8.5


As mentioned above, you tilt the phone to steer the kart.  When you hit the item box, and receive an item, you can use it by tap the picture of it on the screen.  To jump, you tap anywhere on the screen, and to drift, you tap and hold anywhere on the screen.  The controls, at first, felt a little too sensitive.  I would accidently drive into the wall a lot and could not win many races.  I gave up on the game for about a week.  I eventually came back to the game, and looked through the options.  And I found what I was looking for, the sensitivity measure.  I corrected it to where I wanted the sensitivity and started playing.  Unlike before, I fell in love with the game.  I, for about 4 hours, played the game non-stop.  Once you determine the sensitivity, the game becomes gold.  This game is rock solid in terms of gameplay.

Score: 10


This game currently sells in the App Store for $9.99, and is currently the most expensive kart racer out.  The pricing of the other kart racer (Cro-Mag Rally) is $5.99 (previously from $9.99).  The game is great, but $9.99 is maybe asking for a little too much.  $7.99 is a much fairer asking price.  Of course, if they add anything free through fireware updates, $9.99 could be easily be a fair price.

Score: 8

Lasting Appeal

As mentioned above, this game includes the modes: quick play, story mode, cup mode, and time trial.  Story mode, will only last you about 2 hours, with cup mode lasting maybe an hour and a half.  Time trials also won’t last you long because there aren’t any times to beat.  It may take another hour to unlock all 6 characters (no, I’m not spoiling it, they tell you in character select how many there are).  All in all, it is an extremely short game, but the controls will keep you coming back for some quick play every now and then.

Score: 6


Overall, this game is an extremely good looking game, with controls that will make never want to put down the game.  The whole game could probably be beaten (including unlocking secrets) in about half a day.  Though, this game should be an easy one to buy.  You will always come back to this game.  The controls alone will bring you back.  Overall, this game bring big fun to a small screen, for a small time (though not that short).

Presentation: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8.5
Gameplay: 10
Value: 8
Lasting Appeal: 6
Overall: 9

What To Do (Buy Or Not): Buy

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