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Review: Texas Hold’Em (Apple Inc.)

Texas Hold’Em is the most popular poker game in the casinos and poker card rooms across North America and Europe.  Hold ’em is a community card game where each player may use any combination of the five community cards and the player’s own two hole cards to make a poker hand.   This version of Texas Hold’Em was developed, produced, and distributed by Apple.  It is the only game so far to be developed by Apple themselves.  It was also the first App to have online play (though only over Wi-Fi).  This game features you versus 9 other players in Texas Hold’Em in various placs around the world (from your Garage, all the way to Las Vegas).  It is currently sold, through the App Store for $4.99.


First off, there is no story.  You are just you, making some money and going through the rankings.  The menus do a good job presenting themselves as a poker game.  Everything is done in a good style, but not the best.  The game just seems a little inpersonnal, for a poker game.

Score: 7


This game features a 3rd person and 1st person view.  The 1st person view is for those who like a more graphical appearence in their poker.  The 3rd person view, on the other hand, is for those who want a simple interface with all the info they need, without the “flash” (I fall into this catagory).  Both interfaces are really well polished, and run smoothly.  The sprites for the people could look a little better, but overall, graphics are superb.

Score: 8.5


There isn’t much I can say about the sound.  It is exactly what you expect in a casino game.  It’s just regular lounge music, with a few chip sounds, and a couple of crowd “ooooooowww, aaaaahhhhh”.  It’s clear, and it sounds good.  It’s just not that original.

Score: 7.5


The game mechanics in this game are actually, surprisingly, perfect.  You flict the cards to fold, double tap to check, and select how much to bet with a spin dial.  For a game like this, the controls work, well, perfectly.  No complaints here.  Apple, you have your touch screen down to an art.

Score: 10


First off, this game costs $4.99.  5 bucks for one card game.  For twenty bucks, I could get over forty card games for my Nintendo DS through ClubHouse Games.  I mean, $4.99 would be an O.K. price if it had online.  People will say, “wait, I thought it did”.  Well, so did I.  It’s 1. not over 3G t all (Though I knew this before I bought it), and 2. it’s only people on the same Wi-Fi (Which I think is a scam BTW)That really means it’s only local multiplayer, and that you can’t even play the multiplayer on the road (you need the Wi-Fi).  $1.99 would have been a much more understandable price.

Score: 4

Lasting Appeal

Well, if your friends all have iPhones and all have Texas Hold’Em.  But, to be honest, not many people are going to have iPhones/iPod Touches for a while.  Maybe in a few years, but not now.  There is no pass around multiplayer.  But enough about the negatives.  This game can last you for hours, but is also fun to just pick up and play for a couple of minutes. 

Score: 7


Overall, if you can get past the $4.99, this is a really solid game.  Perfect controls, great graphics, and good sound make up this game.  Once I forgot about how much I paid, I really enjoyed the game.  But, if you are a little tight for money, this game should probably be the first to go.  Apple, if you cut the price in half, I’m sure sales would sky rocket.

Presentation: 7
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 7.5
Gameplay: 10
Value: 4
Lasting Appeal: 7
Overall: 7.5

What To Do (Buy Or Not): Opinion

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5 Responses to “Review: Texas Hold’Em (Apple Inc.)”

  1. I would personally give it a 10 for value. I’ve played hundreds of games, and it’s still very entertaining.

  2. Very good game, probably the best one I have bought so far

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