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Preview of the App and Introdiction of Me

Hello everyone! This is “The Assistant” but I think I will simply go with James. I was lucky enough to get a spot writing reviews for app here at The Apper, and I promise that there will be lots if them. Some of the apps that I will be reviewing in the coming weeks are:
Flipbook, Band, Facebook, Google Mobile, iChoose, iPint, MLB, OneTap Movies, Remote, Ambience, Endless Walls and many many more!

Not only am I now the second blogger, but I also hold the responsibilty of developing a brand new mobile version of the site. Although it’s very simple, it will attract many more visitors and also make it easier to find out which apps you should or shouldn’t buy. Here are a few screenshots of the upcoming app:


The new updated user interface

The new updated user interface




As I said before, it is very simple. When you touch one of the links, it redirects you to the article you’re looking for. Also the logo shown above isn’t necessarily going to be the official one. If anyone has other ideas please let me know in the comments. Also feel free to give me other suggestions on the app.

“The Apper” should be live on the AppStore sometime next month for a temporary price of .99 cents.

– James “The Assistant”


One Response to “Preview of the App and Introdiction of Me”

  1. Hey James the app looks great!

    I am Matt by the way from iGames. You may of heard of it. I use “the appers” reviews as a featured blogger on my website.

    A little suggestion. When you click the title of an app it should show you the review rating, and a short summary, a link to the app store, and a link for the review.

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