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Now that summer is over, we are all going to be quite a lot busier. That has not stopped me from working on the new mobile version of The Apper. Since early August, I have been working hard on adding more RSS articles on the MainView, dozens of different logos, and getting accepted into the developer program. I have managed to display double the RSS feeds and get accepted into the program, but I am still working on an official logo. The logo is very important for the app’s success so if anyone wants to send in ideas, feel very very free to do so. 


Apper Mobile in Portrait Mode

Apper Mobile in Portrait Mode

Above is a very slightly tweaked user interface for the app. You probably can’t notice but the buttons are larger and the background is tinted and extremely light blue.


Apper Mobile in Landscape Mode (Not finished)

Apper Mobile in Landscape Mode (Not finished)

As you can see in the picture above is a very rough and buggy version of the user interface in Landscape mode. I still need to stretch out the list across the screen and get the logo to fit in the top bar perfectly.

After all of these updates are finished, I will be ready to submit the app onto the App Store, where it will then become available to all iPhone and iPod touch users for just 99 cents. You can still expect to see the “Apper Mobile” on the App Store later this month.


– James (The Assistant)


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