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Vs. – To Buy, Or Not To Buy

Surprise!  I now have a new section called “Vs.”.  This is where we take two similar (free or not) and compare them (x5).  Today we are going to look at a battle everyone wants to know the answer to: MobileChat or Palringo?

MobileChat Vs. Palringo (Updated: V1.2)

Both apps have great interfaces.  In my opinion, Palringo has a cleaner and nicer interface than that of MobileChat (thanks to version 1.2).  MobileChat isn’t clear of glitches, but doesn’t have a lot.  Palringo, doesn’t have any glitches at all!  Though, through MobileChat, you can send messges through IMs to a phone (which Palringo can’t).  But, if you take into account that MobileChat costs money as opposed to the free Palringo, I think the choose becomes clear.  Also, in Palringo you can delete/add contacts, which cannot be done in MobileChat.

Winner?: Palringo

Shazam Vs. Midomi

Hands down, Shazam has a nicer interface than Midomi.  But, Midomi has many ways of finding the song (i.e. playing, singing, humming, or even writing the song).  But, I find the Shazam works 95% of the time, while Midomi works less than half of the time.  Midomi also has many more glitches.  I think Shazam is a much better down load.

Winner?: Shazam

Tunnels Vs. Tunnel

Both are really fun games to play.  Tunnels has a much more full game feel to it while Tunnel seems like a demo.  Tunnel, on the other hand, has a much more fun tilt mode than Tunnels.  But overall, the funnest game mode in either game is the touch controls in Tunnels.

Winner?: Tunnels

Tetris Vs. Tris

This is a hands down, no competition Vs.  Simply put, Tetris does everything better.  Unless you don’t have the $10 to spend, or don’t like Tetris, this is an extremely easy one.

Winner?: Tetris

TouchMines Vs. MinesManiak

Both versions are fun, and great downloads.  If your a minesweeper fan, go with MinesManiak.  It has many more features.  But, if your just a regular mines player, go with TouchMines.  Also, with the promices of added features in TouchMines, it should do the trick for most people.

Winner?: TouchMines

Round Over!

The Apper (Article was updated at 2:38pm [09/07/08])


2 Responses to “Vs. – To Buy, Or Not To Buy”

  1. I am sorry to hear that you were having problems getting the service to work. I would be grateful if you could send me a private message outlining your specific problems so we can investigate further. We have also made some significant enhancements to the UI in Update 1.2 that appeared in the AppStore yesterday. this includes

    Stay connected: Now, for a brief period after leaving Palringo, our server will keep you connected, which means that for all intents and purposes, all your contacts will see you as online. Once you get back into Palringo, you will receive any messages sent while you were away.

    -Message History for Palringo contacts and group chat
    -Completely new and reliable Push-To-Talk engine
    -Improved stability and speed
    -Improved user interface: Much faster, new icons, renamed buttons, corrected bugs, etc
    – Better support for Asian languages (Chinese/Japanese)
    – Ability to Authorise whether contacts can add you to their contact list
    – Highlights Blocked Contacts
    – Improved transitions between chat windows

    I would hope that you will try out the new, improved version (it really is!) and let us know your thoughts. We are always trying to improve the application so can retain our position as the favourite IM and rich messaging application on mobile devices!

    Kerry Ritz

  2. Just another note to say that yesterday we submitted another update to Apple. You can read about the changes in more detail at

    As you can see, we’re making bringing out updates to significantly enhance your experience. We believe that the application is far superior to others, paid or free!

    Here is a summary of the changes:

    It fixes a few serious issues such as the inability to add GTalk or XMPP accounts and adds a few additional features such as support for server-side compression, which reduces Palringo’s bandwidth usage at logon, down to 30% of the previous versions of Palringo. This means, faster login and cheaper bills (for those of you who don’t have unlimited data plans).

    Also, as requested many times by our users on the forums, we have added support for Yahoo! Japan and (finally) letting you use different ports and enable SSL/TLS on the XMPP protocol.

    Without further delay, here’s a summary of what we fixed and improved in Palringo 1.2.1:


    * Adding GTalk and XMPP accounts
    * Long nicknames wrapping into the rest of the text in chat windows
    * International characters in status lines (Chinese, etc)
    * Ability to send high-resolution album photos
    * Faster and improved session resuming
    * The ‘invisible’ button works again
    * Other stability fixes
    * Crashes when sending long messages
    * Tweaked the French & Polish translations to be more accurate

    New features

    * Unread private messages now saved on exit
    * Progress bars when sending/receiving voice/photos
    * Reduced network usage (we are now using compression so logging in over EDGE/GPRS/3G should be noticeably faster)
    * Support for Y! Japan
    * Support for SSL/TLS on XMPP (Jabber/GTalk)
    * Russian language translation
    * Spam filtering for non-Palringo services (MSN/ICQ/etc)
    * Ability to disable predictive input
    * Ability to set the default status to ‘Away/Busy’ when leaving Palringo (while the server keeps you connected)
    * Remembers your status on all services (MSN/ICQ/etc)

    best regards
    Kerry Ritz

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