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Bigger Plans for “Apper Mobile”

I’m sorry that the “Apper Mobile” is not yet live on the App Store. I have been busy with many things including a new iPhone game that I will be announcing soon. I am still making improvements to “The Apper’ of coarse – but now, I have much bigger plans than what I had originally expected. Instead of crowding up the App Store with another arguably pointless RSS reader, I’ve decided to compile news and reviews from all over the Apple community onto the upcoming app. Some of the App Store fan sites I hope to use are The Apper (obviously), iGames, TouchArcade, AppStore Score, JellyPop, What’s On iPhone, iUseThis, AppVee, iPhone Alley, Zym Blog and possibly more – all for the app’s debut sometime within the next 3 weeks.

Once you open up the app, you will be presented with a list of review sites, and when you tap them, you will get the RSS feed. I’m not sure what other features I will be including at the moment, but I will update you with progress whenever I can. Also, if anyone has ideas for names or logos, please leave a comment!

“Apper Mobile” will most likely be in the App Store by October 10th for a low price of 99 cents.


– James (The Assistant)


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  1. What about adding ?

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