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Review: MobileChat

MobileChat is the best way to use instant messengers on your iPhone, but even though I said “best” – it’s really not that great. It currently sells for $2.99 on the App Store. 


You’d think that this app is going to be just incredible based on the well written description and nice interface – but unfortunatly things aren’t always what they say they are. 

Score: 7 – But it’s really more like 1.


The point of this app is to be able to use almost any instant messaging services right on your phone or iPod. The point doesn’t work very well – At all!

Score: 1


For $2.99…. you should be getting an app that actually works. Even if this app was free, I would avoid downloading…. it’s a waste of 0.4 MB on your computer’s hard drive.

Score: 2

Lasting Appeal

One of the reasons I actually bought this app is that I though it was going to last me forever! The only way this could last forever is if I could actually manage to set it up!

Score: 0


You’ve probably already guessed it, but I never did manage to set up a chat on this app. I tried extremely hard to get it to work, but it just didn’t seem to want to cooperate. Overall, this app is almost as bad as GhostEX.

Presentation: 7
Function: 1
Value: 2
Lasting Appeal: 0
Overall: 3.5

What To Do (Buy Or Not): Do Not Buy!

Look out for plenty of more game and app reviews in the next couple of days!

– James (The Assistant)


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