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“Apper” Release Date Announced

I’m proud to announce that the official mobile version of The Apper will be available on the iTunes App Store around October 23rd for a very low price of .99 cents.

It’s going to have all of the same features that I have previously mentioned, and it’s going to include 7 popular App Store fansites including “The Apper” (obviously), TouchArcade, Fingergaming, HawtApps and iGames.

So we have a great functioning app with an easy to use interface, 7 of be best websites for news and reviews along with a beutiful logo and a great price. What’s not to love?

As we near the projected release date for the application I will keep you updated with screenshots, a more exact release date and everything else.

– James (The Assistant)


One Response to ““Apper” Release Date Announced”

  1. James,

    If you could slot us at RazorianFly in there at site number 8,
    You cannot understand how eternally grateful I would be.


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