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Review: BlocksClassic (V: 0.9.7)

BlocksClassic is a version of the popular game Breakout.  The objective of the game is to to remove all the blocks on the ceiling.  To do this, you must bounce a ball with a paddle to know down the blocks.  Once you knock down all the blocks, you go on to the next (harder) level.  If you miss the ball with your paddle, you lose a life.  The game was developed and published by Bootant.  It currently sells for $.99 in the App Store.

Before we start the review, I must say that from when I reviewed the game in a Freebies, up until now, the game dramatically changed.


No story or menus (well, there is one menu, but it just says new, or resume).  The game is perfect like this.  It gets you right into the action with no delays.  I can’t imagine the menus much better!

Score: 9.5


Every update, the graphics improve.  So, I’m sure, that when the next update comes out, this review won’t be very accurate.  But, as they stand now, they look very, very nice.  There are only a few spotsthat aren’t very crisp, but overall, the game looks great.

Score: 9


There isn’t any music in this game.  Just a few sound effects (a few pops, bings, etc.).  The lack of music hurts the game a bit, but the sound effects are good.

Score: 7


The gameplay is extremely simple.  All you do in the game is move your paddle.  What makes these controls work better than most Breakout iPhone games is that there is a little bar below the paddle.  This way, you can actually see your paddle while playing.  This makes the game so much easier to play. 

Score: 9


$.99?!?!?!  Is this a joke?  I should give it an 11 out of 10.  This game is so polished and fun, it could easily sell for at least $3.99.

Score: 10

Lasting Appeal

There are so many levels in this game that this game will last a long, long time.  There really isn’t anything more to say about this game.  It is long!

Score: 9


This is a great version of Breakout anyway you look at it.  And at $.99, you should already own this game.  What are you doing?  Stop reading this review.  Go get this game before the sale ends, now!  It isn’t going to be there forever, but this review is! 

Jokes aside, this is a must for almost anybody.

Presentation: 9.5
Graphics: 9
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 9
Value: 10
Lasting Appeal: 9
Overall: 9

What To Do (Buy Or Not): A Must!

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