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Review: Tunnels (V: 1.0.3)

Tunnels is a simple game where you pilot a spacecraft through a tunnel.  It was developed, and published by Terry Peng.  It currently sells in the App Store for $1.99. 


There is no story at all in this game.  The menus are extremely simple, but (in my opinion) are best expressed this way.  The opening menus asks which way to control the game (tilt, or touch), then which difficulty.  A simple game like this should have simple menus. 

Score: 9


These graphics aren’t going to win any awards.  They aren’t going to make you drool either.  But, they get the job done.  Like everything else in this game, the graphics are very simple in this game.  Would better graphics have increased the value of the game a lot?  Most definitely!  But, at $1.99, your not buying the most advanced, expensive, awesome game!

Score: 8


Either my speakers are broken, or there is zero sound in this game.

Score: 0


Gameplay is simple in this game.  There are two ways two control the game: Tilt (self-explanatory), and touch (where you touch little arrows on the side of the screen the turn left and right.).  Oh, and you are constantly going up (no stopping in this game!).  There also 4 levels of difficulty: Training (super, basic easy), Easy, Medium, and Hard.  Each difficulty controls how fast your ship is going.  Both controls are very easy to use, and work spot on!  Have no issues with the controls at all!

Score: 10


At $1.99, there should be a little more to the game.  Maybe some sort of worldwide leaderboards.  $.99 would have been a much fairer price.  Hopefully, through more updates, we will get more bang for our bucks!

Score: 7

Lasting Appeal

If you like arcade style, high-score games, this is a game you must pick up.  I have spent countless hours playing the game just to beat my brothers’ scores on the game.  The fun never end with this one!

Score: 10


In the end, this game is a good buy for $1.99.  Your not paying much, but your getting a simple, addictive game.  No matter who you are, you should definitely take a look at this game!

Presentation: 9
Graphics: 8
Sound: 0
Gameplay: 10
Value: 7
Lasting Appeal: 10
Overall: 8.5

What To Do (Buy Or Not): Buy

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