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(Advance) Exclusive Review: UrbanTycoon (V: 1.0)

That’s right!  We have an exclusive copy of UrbanTycoon!  This will be (I believe) the first and (probably) the only place you will find a full review of UrbanTycoon before its release later this week.  Before I start, I would like to thank TouchSoftMobile for giving me the opportunity!

Along with this review, we will also have an exclusive look at Version: 2.0 of UrbanTycoon in the coming weeks!  Well, without futher delay, here is the full review of UrbanTycoon:

UrbanTycoon is a simulation game in which you are in control of a city.  The gameplay takes elements from many popular simulators like Rollar Coster Tycoon and SimCity.  It was published and developed by TouchSoft Mobile.  It is currently not available in the App Store (as of Oct. 12, 2008), but will sell for $1.99 when released.


There is no story in this game.  But, the menus are very simple.  With this kind of game, it’s always good to have short menus, and this is no different.  As soon as you pick your city, you are right into the game.

Score: 9


The graphics are complex (3D) in anyway, but they work with the game.  There are just simple, bright sprites.  A little bit of animaion and 3 dimensions would look really nice on this game.

Score: 7.5


This game has simple video game music (which is rare for apps these days!).  The music suits the game very well.  But, maybe a couple sound effects for clicking on stuff would make the sound perfect.

Score: 9


The gameplay in UrbanTycoon is a little simpler then what you would find in RCT or SimCity, but it still plays well.  As of V: 1.0, the three things you can do are: create buildings, destroy buildings, and raise/lower taxes.  It isn’t very hard to become a billionaire (see the last picture above), but it’s still fun to get there.  V: 2.0 promices to add complexity to the game with pollution, crime, and other ways (not yet released to the public).  Overall, this isn’t a game that slowly evolves overtime, it a game to play when your bored, and haver 20-30 minutes to spare.

Score: 8


At a price tag of $1.99, this game is a good buy.  It isn’t going to last a long, long time (at least, not yet), but the price tag is more than enough to justify purchasing the game.

Score: 10

Lasting Appeal

The game is very easy to beat in one or two sittings, but building multiple cities is still entertaining enough to play again.   But (as I’ve mentioned many, many times this review), 2.0 promices much more depth.

Score: 6


Overall, this game isn’t a go-buy-it-right-now kind of game yet.  But, it is a good investment to buy it now with 2.0 (sorry) coming out (as promiced by TouchSoft) before SimCity hits the App Store.

Presentation: 9
Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 8
Value: 10
Lasting Appeal: 6
Overall: 8.4

What To Do (Buy Or Not): Buy

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