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The Apper Needs You!

Just today, the founder of this site Richard contacted me stating that he was too busy to maintain the site any longer. He will still be making the odd post, but for now the site is being left up to me. For a while now we have been planning dozens of new features and changes to the site that will make your experience even better. The first one of these, was to have our own application in the App Store, just a few days ago, we accomplished that. Next up is to give the site a whole new look along with it’s very own domain. I purchased the domain “apperreviews” and within the next few months, we will be making a transition over to it. Lastly, I think we could use a lot more authors. If you think that you would make a good author here at the Apper, contact me at and well go from there. It would be great if there was someone out there who can do both web design and reviews, because I’ll need someone to help me with our upcoming re-design. Now just because there will be lots of new changes, doesn’t mean everything will. We are still going to be reviewing games the same way as we always have, and we will also keep our special “Freebies and Vs.” sections.

Again, if you are interested in becoming an author here at The Apper, contact me at Thanks for reading guys!

– James


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